Dragonflies for breakfast

I realized I had not posted the baby purple martins from May. I had been keeping an eye on the purple martin house at the Dunedin marina and when I stopped by in mid-May I saw lots of older babies being fed.  Above is a male parent bringing a dragonfly to the baby.

Both male and female parents were bringing in food. The babies, almost as big as their parents, were sticking their heads out of the nest holes.

This time Mom brought a dragonfly.

Some of the juveniles were just starting to fly and were landing on another martin’s nest deck. It was constant chaos with parents chasing away someone else’s babies. By early June the nest building was deserted and all was quiet until next spring.

As I was standing in the small parking lot I looked down on the sea wall and could see some other critters watching me.  Mallards and great blue herons are common along the rocks in front of the marina.

Looking across the water at Clearwater Beach, it was a picture perfect morning.

7 thoughts on “Dragonflies for breakfast

  1. Hello,
    Love the Purple Martin images, a great collection. It is cute to see the babies being fed. Cute shot of the Mallard and a great Heron photo. The view is beautiful. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend.

  2. Wonderful shots of the Purple Martins. I’m already counting down to next Spring when the birds start to return.

  3. Always a pleasure to watch a family like this progress through the weeks and months

    Very well documented here

    Enjoy the weekend

  4. Terrific series of the Martins feeding activity!
    That duck looks like its sitting on the leftover piece of pizza I threw out this morning.

    Loving these cooler mornings.

  5. The purple martins are beautiful. I’ve not seen them here but we had them in Arkansas and always had martin houses in the yard. Helps with mosquitoes!

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