The backyard in early May

My neighbor’s plumeria plant was blooming in early May. I was able to snap the above before the squirrels ate them.

The young Carolina wrens were looking for food in the bushes. Mom was still feeding them bugs. The young ones are as big as Mom but they still have a lot of yellow around their beaks.

I hadn’t been seeing many bluebirds in the backyard (I think they have been nesting). I saw this young one sitting on our feeder and then others started showing up again.

The first week in May was the last time I saw a parula. They must all be north for the summer (I don’t blame them although this year it may be just as hot up there).

By early May I was getting hummingbirds every day at the feeder. The male only showed up the first few days and now I only see females.

The squirrels were still getting frisky.

By now the only birds coming to the suet were woodpeckers and blue jays. Once this one was gone I took the basket down for the summer.

A butterfly on the lantana basket.

The sunset shining through the moss across the street.

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9 thoughts on “The backyard in early May

  1. Nice bird blog today. For Blue Monday was pretty sure you’d have a Bluebird.
    Here 50 miles north of the Gulf, a Houston suburb, Katy along I-10, seems the migratory birds have left due to the heat.
    Even the Bluebirds about all I’ve been seeing are doves and mockingbirds. The squirrels and rabbits and alligators hang around, as well as the Muscovy Ducks.
    One of the latter has come up to our front yard from her watered group and hangs out. In the afternoon she goes across our street to the neighbor’s yard to be in the afternoon shade. In the evenings she goes up to the neighbor’s second story flowerbox and sits on two eggs. Or maybe to lay some more, Muscovies generally hatch around eleven to sixteen, thereabouts.
    We haven’t given the duck a name but she’ll be featured as the “D” word on my Friday post.
    TMI, your nice post turned me on.

  2. Gorgeous frangipani and hummingbirds.
    Thank you for sharing your links with us at #271 SSPS Linky. See you again next week.

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