Stop and smell the flowers

I got up early for the almost 2 hour drive to Bok Tower Gardens in central Florida in early March. The weather called for sunny and warm but halfway there the fog started. The closer I got to the gardens, the foggier it got. I was a little bummed but I figured it would lift sometime in the morning. It was still foggy when I started my drive into the gardens.

You pay at the gate and then drive for 5 minutes up to the where the gardens start. Part of that drive is through orange groves. I had my windows rolled down so I could smell the orange blossoms. The smell was strong and I pulled over for a few minutes and snapped the above with my phone. Nothing screams “central Florida” more than ripe oranges and orange blossoms together on the tree.

There’s always a lot blooming here, even in the winter.

You can see the spider webs in the fog.

I’m not sure what this pink tree was but it was almost past it’s peak.

The sun was just starting to peek out after I had been there for an hour.

The azalea bushes were still blooming with the color popping in the fog.

This was a fun trip and it was great to be out and about (even though I was riding a rented scooter). The fog eventually lifted but it kept things nice and cool.

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9 thoughts on “Stop and smell the flowers

  1. Hello :=)
    The garden is lovely and so are your photos. The flowers some of which I have never seen before, such as the orange dangling blooms are delightful, and the Iris with the raindrops is a beautiful image.My azaleas are also in bloom in the garden at the moment. The ones in the borders in your shots are very pretty.

  2. Lovely spider web photo. I used to live next door to an orange tree that hung over the fence. Oh, what wonderful smells! Unfortunately, there were roof rats, and they hollowed out the oranges in the night.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I’m from Orange County, California I used to see and smell orange groves all the time but now they’re all gone.

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