Bur marigolds and alligators

I think late November and early December is the most beautiful time at Circle B Bar Reserve.

A few of the critters. I thought I had found a 2 headed gator but just realized they were just passing by.

Traffic jam on the trails. Some of the trails are heavily populated but there are also some quieter ones as well that you can walk to be alone,

A beautiful start to the day.

SkyWatch Friday

Non bird stuff at Circle B Bar Reserve


There were pockets of yellow flowers there but not like last year. Last year the entire trail was covered in these flowers.


The trail had a lot of these bushes on them. They sparkled on the tips.


Still a lot of spider webs on the trails.


This was pretty cool. My friend Pam spotted this guy in the shade right in the middle of the trail. With all of the bikers and joggers, we knew she’d get trampled on. A guy walked by and picked up the spider with a stick and put her down in the ditch. We think it’s a she because it looks like she has a big egg sac under her belly. Now there’ll be lots of spider babies for the lizards and birds to eat.


We did not see many gators on the trails this morning. This is one of the few that we saw.


The token butterfly shot from the trip.

Pam and I made our 1st Annual Thanksgiving visit to Circle B Bar Reserve on Saturday morning. The weather was perfect and the trails were not too busy. I’m still a little bummed that I still haven’t been able to get shots of the bobcats. I know I need to go during the week but work gets in the way. I haven’t seen any otters in a long time either.  Still a lot of birds, butterflies and bugs! Pam said we walked almost 6 miles (and still home in time for lunch). No wonder I was so tired the rest of the weekend. I’ve got to get back in shape for the trails there.