Sulking in pain in the backyard

More of the usual visitors in early January. House finches, goldfinch and lots of pine warblers. Red bellied woodpeckers show up every day.

Also the same birds at the bird bath but now we have a lot of yellow rumped warblers visiting as well.

A downy woodpecker was giving me a “Why haven’t you taken down your Christmas lights yet” look. I had some green lights wrapped around our two short trees in the backyard that finally got taken down.

The lone hermit thrush showed up again.

I’ve been sticking close to home for a while now. In a cruel twist of fate, just as I was started to head out on hikes with my longer heavy lens and camera after my shoulder surgery, I developed a nasty case of plantar fasciitis in my left foot with severe heel pain. It’s been going on forever, almost 6 weeks and is taking forever to heal. I’m doing all of the standard stuff to help it heal but it’s being stubborn. Any one ever had to deal with this? Any words of wisdom? I’m icing it, rolling the ball on my foot, sleeping with a plantar boot, stretching, etc. I’ve always worn orthopedic shoes and slippers. On a fun note, I’ve been seeing lots of interesting things in the backyard.

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5 thoughts on “Sulking in pain in the backyard

  1. We’re really sorry to hear you’re in pain. That is no fun at all. Gini went through it several years ago but was fortunate it didn’t last too long. She went through everything you mentioned but I’m afraid “time” is the actual answer.

    In the meantime, you eased our “pain” of not being outside today by providing a fabulous album of beautiful birds to enjoy.

    Our thoughts are with you.

  2. Dina, your backyard is a wonderful “bird park” …. and I’m glad it’s there for you while you recover. I had that years ago , hopefully they have come up with better solutions by now. I was just told to rest, ice etc and then given exercises to do and told to stop wearing dress shoes and use a kind of orthopedic heel cup inside my walking shoes. I used those for years, but honestly I think the “heeling” just took time.

  3. If you haven’t been to a recommended podiatrist, get thee there immediately, not just a shoe store. I went through some forms of this when living in Fort Lauderdale, as well as heel pain, and wore shoe and heel inserts, which helped immensely in both cases. I always wear shoe inserts now, ones I get from a specialty shoe store, still the one in Fort Lauderdale. The inserts are not cheap, but pain is expensive, and not just in money. Pain has not recurred for several years now. And I buy new inserts at least once a year. I walk 2-3 miles 3-4 times a week, and foot pain does not recur. But I also wear NewBalance shoes, expensive ones. Maybe that is why, too. And do what the doctor says. Not a good doctor; go to another one.

  4. Hello, So sorry to learn of your painful heel condition, which I have never heard of before, although most of your followers seem to have suffered from the same heel pain. I hope your recovery will be sooner rather than later. Your yard birds are wonderful. Such a large variety of bird species you can enjoy. and I also enjoyed seeing them.
    All the best

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