Around the yard

Usual birds at the backyard feeder in early January. It’s rare to see another bird on the feeder when a woodpecker is on there. Most of the little birds scatter when a woodpecker flies towards it.

The bluebirds are now regular visitors and keep checking out the nest box.

Goldfinches show up about once a week.

A dove and a black and white warbler hiding in the bushes.

My husband asks why the hanging plant isn’t blooming. It’s because the squirrels keep eating the blooms. I’ll never buy another purslane plant again. They have stripped this one clean.

One of the many alligators in the neighborhood. I caught this guy on my bike ride.

Ibis were sleeping in the trees over the alligator.

This wood stork was sitting along the lake across the street from our house.

5 thoughts on “Around the yard

  1. Great collection of feeder birds. The Bluebirds will always be a favorite of mine. I love the Wood Stork, I hope everyone is aware of that neighborhood gator. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend!

  2. I think I’m glad we don’t see gators in our neighborhood. We see them at the preserves but that’s close enough. Love all the birds we have in the feeders right now. You got some amazing photos with the bright background!

  3. Hello :=)
    You have an abundance of wildlife in your garden. It is lovely to see so many different species of birds, and all beautifully photographed. The Ibis capture is brilliant. The neighbourhood Alligators would scare me to death.

  4. Yet another post of your yard and neighborhood to make me totally jealous! Well, okay, a ‘gator in the ‘hood might be a bit extreme. We’ve had those in past years and dogs started to go missing. Not a good situation.

    Our feeders have been so full of big White-winged Dove this year the “normal” birds have become a bit shy.

    Lovely post, Dina!

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