The backyard in early December

The turkeys were regular visitors to the backyard in early December. One afternoon I saw these 2 looking like they were having a spat. I’m pretty sure they are siblings. Maybe the red head is a male? They were born this spring so they are still pretty young.

Another day I caught them feeding. I think he saw me through the window.

The young doe was also coming by almost every day. She was alone every day until one day I think I saw her with some other females.

One day we had 2 females with a younger deer come by and feed. I was hoping our little Bambi had found some friends.

I heard Harley (our cockatiel) yell his “There’s a hawk in the backyard” scream and I ran over and saw this Cooper’s hawk sitting in the oak tree. I couldn’t get a clear shot of him through the window so I snuck out the back door and was able to get the above. He was not spooked when I walked right up to him. I’m assuming this is the same one that was in our front yard a few months ago.

House finches and pine warblers have been regulars at the feeder and bird bath this winter

I checked in on the neighborhood eagle nest the first week in December. I had been seeing a lone eagle around the neighborhood and this was the first time seeing them both on the nest. I went by right after this and saw a head peak up from the nest but I haven’t seen any other activity. I hope she’s sitting on eggs. I can’t see her from the street so I can’t tell


4 thoughts on “The backyard in early December

  1. Hello,
    Great collection of critters and photos. I love the turkeys, deer and the Pine Warbler with the House Finch. It is great to see the two Eagles at the nest.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  2. Hello.=) I enjoyed seeing your many visitors to your property. Here in Portugal we don’t see turkeys roaming around, very cool! The Coopers Hawk is beautiful, glad you were able to get a photo. House finches and Pine warblers are lovely little birds, birds I also don’t see where I live.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a happy weekend.

  3. Another nice backyard post!

    We have turkeys in our neighborhood, too, but they don’t look like yours and they play loud music.

    More cool mornings on the way! Hope we can get out and find good things to photograph.

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