The sun through palm trees

After I caught the sun rising at the Safety Harbor fishing pier I headed down to North Shore Park in St. Pete. The sun was up about half way by this time but still made for some pretty shots. This little beach sits on the bay side of St. Pete and the sand isn’t very nice so there usually isn’t too many people on it in the morning.

The water looked very inviting with the sun beaming down on it but it was a little chilly this morning.

I think this is a Hong Kong orchid tree. The the park was full of them blooming in early December.

I was hoping to find something different in the way of birds out here, sometimes a surprise might pop up but it was quiet. Only the usuals. A ring billed gull scratching an itch and a pelican lands in front of me. The little beach was full of laughing gulls but not much else.

As I was standing on the beach watching the birds this tiny shark swam right up near the sand.

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7 thoughts on “The sun through palm trees

  1. Oh wow, great silhouette’s with the palm trees. So tropical.
    I love the shark fin!! Reminds me of way back when working on an offhshore oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, I was in the kitchen with the cook as he was looking out over the ocean, and suddenly he said shark! Sure enough a few hundred feet out a big shark fin was sticking out of the wate.r

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