Finally out with my camera

In late November I was finally out with my camera since having my shoulder surgery in early October, I could still only pick up 3lbs so I had my older smaller camera on my lightest lens. All together they were at 3.5 lbs so I was cheating a little but kept the camera in my left hand for most of the time. It felt good to be out walking around with it but I had an old 300mm lens and didn’t have much reach. I headed to the Dunedin marina for a long walk and then pulled the camera out of the car and walked around by the boats for a short while.

There were a few shorebirds at the tiny beach in front of the marina. Willets and ruddy turnstones are always there.

Something spooked these semi-palmated plovers several times.

One of the resident osprey sitting on a sailboat mast. They have a nest right in the parking lot here so I’m looking forward to keeping tabs on the babies this year.

An anhinga resting on the old abandoned boat.

A phone shot, this old sailboat got wedge up against the channel marker during Hurricane Nicole in early November and has been stuck there ever since. It’s a great place for the birds to rest.

A great egret posing nicely.

Pelicans around the marina.

A manatee was right up against the sea wall. This was taken with my phone. The shadows of the railing were a little tough though.

I was on the way home and stopped at a red light when I saw a ton of white pelicans flying high coming towards me. I pulled over into the shopping center and was able to snap the above. This was only a small portion of them. There were at least 4 more of these cruising around the area. It was amazing to watch them swooping around and cruising.

6 thoughts on “Finally out with my camera

  1. What a great variety of birds, I love the cute shorebirds, the pelicans and egret and osprey. It is great to see the manatee too. Wonderful photos.
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend!

  2. It really is amazing to see those big flocks! We are headed over to the Gulf Coast tomorrow and I hope we see some Manatees. You took an amazing photo of the Great white egret! WOW!

  3. Thank you for the virtual “coastal bird” fix! Nothing wrong with that 300mm combination. Just once again proves it’s the artist which makes good images, not the tools.

    Very happy to hear your surgery appears to have gone well. Just be patient and allow enough time for healing.

  4. Glad to hear that you can now get out again, and you got some great shots while you were out this time. Love the waders and the huge amount of Pelicans. The Great Egret is special though.

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