Dancing for your breakfast

I was headed for a long walk on the Dunedin causeway in mid-June and wasn’t planning on seeing anything interesting but I threw my camera in the car “just in case”. I was almost back to my car when I saw a reddish egret feeding along the causeway. I ran back to my car and grabbed my camera and watched him feeding for a while.

He was busy hopping around, catching fish after fish. He started getting close to some people who were putting their kayak in when he took off. I thought he would be gone but he flew just around the people and landed again.

I guess he was pretty hungry since he kept catching fish. I spent half an hour taking pictures of him before he stopped and started preening. Reddish egrets are fairly common at Fort Desoto but this was the first time I had seen one here on the causeway. I’ll have to keep putting my camera in the car.

5 thoughts on “Dancing for your breakfast

  1. Hello,:=) WOW!! Amazingly good captures of the Reddish Egret. Yes indeed, ,you should always take your camera with you. Just in case, happens when you least expect it.
    For some reason I was not able to post my website! :=(

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