Dreaming of snow

It’s now the end of August and it’s been a hot summer. Here in central Florida we still have at least 2 more months of heat (although if we are lucky the humidity won’t be so bad in October). I’ve been reliving our trip to Park City in January, dreaming of when it will be cold again, when I found these pictures I took at Shoe Tree Park on our trip. We kept seeing trees full of shoes as we drove around town and while Brett was skiing one day I took a hike over to the park. It’s just one street over from the main drag in Park City so it was easy to find.

There’s no real reason the trees here are full of shoes but it dates back to the 1970’s. Urban legend is that a group of guys were drinking one night and started throwing their shoes in the trees and it became a thing. It’s now part of Park City’s character. The city thins the shoes out of the trees  each fall as new shoes are added.

There is an actual park here with a river and picnic tables. It looked like a small winter wonderland the early morning I was there. I was the only one there but I’m sure it’s busy in the warmer months.

Taking a break with a new friend. Man, I never thought I would miss being bundled up but I’m ready for some cold weather.

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5 thoughts on “Dreaming of snow

  1. Oh my! I’m right there with you here in Louisiana. I’m so ready for cooler temps. This summer has been horrible with the heat and lack of rain.

  2. I know my friends that live full time in the desert are dreaming about cooler temps. After a while the heat is just too much. Thanks for sharing your snow pictures!

  3. That snow in Park City sure looks nice this time of year.
    On Route 66 in Oklahoma there is a so called world famous shoe tree out in the middle of nowhere. I took an old pair of shoes just for the express purpose to toss it up amongst the other offerrings.

  4. Okay, my native Floridian blood is evident.
    Having lived in VERY snowy climates a few times, I’ll keep the heat and humidity, thank you.

    I fully admit that snowy forests are gorgeous. I fully admit I prefer to admire them from afar.

    Wonderful photographs, but I had to go outside to warm up. 🙂

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