Road trip down south.

In early May it was time for a road trip to south Florida. We hadn’t been down to visit relatives since 2019. Since Brett’s uncle was turning 90, his sister and her husband came with us. Our first night there we had dinner at a little pizza place in Hallendale Beach that had a great water and pool view. We sat outside since there was a nice breeze.

Saturday morning we went for a long walk on the Hollywood Beach broadwalk. There were so many things to see and this is a great spot to “people’ watch as we were walking.

Back at the hotel that afternoon, while everyone else was napping, I drove over to the nearby Hard Rock Hotel to see the finished guitar hotel. When Brett and I were here in 2019 it was halfway built. It’s a huge complex, almost like a theme park. When I was leaving I noticed you could see Fort Lauderdale way off in the distance from the parking lot.

Sitting outside eating dinner, a damselfly landed on my water. Instead of shooing him away I had to pull out my phone and take a picture.

A relaxing lunch by the pool before heading back to Tampa.

I was traveling light so all pictures were taken with my phone.

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13 thoughts on “Road trip down south.

  1. Totally jealous of your entire trip!! Great photos, love the Hard Rock Building and Pool. And of course the beach, and everything around the beach.

  2. Such beautiful photos! We have traveled to Florida a few times but not quite that far south in Florida… yet!

  3. After living there for 18 years I moved from south Florida only six months ago. Watched the earlier stages of construction of the Hard Rock hotel but never visited to see the finished product. Excellent views of not only the hotel but you captured the “feel” of your visit.

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