Pretty things in late July

Little critters creeping or buzzing around the butterfly garden at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo.

A few of the blooming things.

The waterfall at the nature center. Years ago I would see green tree frogs hanging around this area but I haven’t seen any in a long while.

Something growing around a tree stump. Looks like icing (of course, I have sugar on my brain).

A tiny oasis in the heat.

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Largo Nature Preserve

Little critters. The little critters in the 2nd shot are making more little critters.

A sleepy night heron and a green heron standing at attention.

A couple of grackles having words.

Some juvenile grackles waiting to be fed.

Young moorhens.

Making more young moorhens.

I’ve been seeing bunnies everywhere.

The river is starting to choke up with the above plant.

A few things from my walk at Largo Nature Preserve in late June.

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After work walk at Sawgrass Lake Park

Little critters.

Swimming critters.

A scarlet tanager high up in a tree with a snack and a pair of doves that were flirting.

A squirrel eating a branch.

Stopped by Sawgrass Lake park after work in late May for a quick walk before heading home. I didn’t expect to find too much but the scarlet tanager was nice.

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Saturday morning walk at Circle B Bar Reserve


The moon was still up when I got to the park that morning.





Plants and bugs along the trail.



The usual gator and turtles.



Little critters (the frog was in the bathroom).



This was the first time I have seen a plane land on the lake.

Fun stuff at Circle B Bar Reserve.  SkyWatch Friday

Vultures eating green foam at Medard Park


An osprey hovering, looking for breakfast over the lake.


Female grackles were lined up on the boardwalk.


Female red-winged blackbird looking at me.


Juvenile red-winged blackbird showing off.


If there aren’t a lot of fishermen on the boardwalk in the morning, you can usually find a few limpkins standing on the rail.


Up-close bee shot (there weren’t many birds there).




There’s a sign at the boat ramp parking lot warning that vultures will tear apart your windshield wipers and that you should cover them. The vulture here found a new toy to tear apart.


This owner was going to come back from kayaking to find all of green foam padding torn off. I hope they leave him enough to get his kayak back home. I’m not sure why they like shredding things. Although my cockatiels at home love to shred newspaper and cardboard so I guess I’m not surprised.

I knew it was going to be hot. Mid-August, sunny, not a cloud in the sky, no wind. I thought I’d torture myself anyway by going on an early morning walk at Medard park. The snail kites had been sighted there on and off and I was hoping to see them again. No sign of them or much of any birds. At least the park was quiet and I got a good walk in.