It was a beautiful cool morning when I went out for a walk at the Dunedin marina. You could still see the blue sky through the blanket of clouds.

The clouds made a great reflection on the water.

Reflections in the marina.

I stopped at close by Weaver Park to walk on the fishing pier on the way home. The sun was trying to come out. I realize now I miss those cold mornings. Now that it’s warmed up the park and marina are packed with people. Even early on a weekday morning, parking is a challage now.

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7 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I hope your beautiful Florida skies kind of make up for all the snowbirds and overcrowding. (of which we are a part, but I like to pretend we’re not). Weekends in particular are terrible in this part of the State. It will start to think out next month probably (we’ll still be here pretending we’re not snowbirds).

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