More from my winter vacation.

Shots from Deer Valley ski resort in January. The sun had not come up over the mountain when we got there, although it wasn’t that early. I think the slopes had just opened up.

I watched Brett (in the orange jacket) head for the ski lift and then I went off to hike around and look for some things to take pictures of.

I headed up to a nearby hotel that has amazing views of Deer Valley. We stayed here several years before in October when everthing was orange and yellow so it looked very different.

Much later we took a ride around the area before going for an early dinner.

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  1. Dina! I did NOT expect to see snow on your blog! But it is very pretty… and an amazing change from your usual “patch.” I’m glad you took your camera… it takes b eautiful picture no matter what State or season! (I’m sure that’s due to the photographer!)

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