Too precious to lose

The beautiful baby owls at a nearby park. These were all taken in early February. There were 3 babies but at this point there wasn’t a time when they were all together. The youngest still stayed in the nest while the older 2 were starting to venture out on the nearby branches.

These were all taken in mid-February. They were really cruising around the tree.

This was the youngest of the three. He was still staying close to the nest at this point. He still had a lot of fuzzy feathers that didn’t quite have the color in them.

The parents would always be close by in the same tree or a few trees over.

It’s with a super heavy heart that I post this but I wanted you to see how precious these babies are. The oldest baby died earlier this week. He had rat poisoning symptoms and did not survive. Last year we lost 2 of the 3 babies to rat poisoning. Then, just yesterday the Mom was sick and was rescued but did not survive. Again, rat poisoning. Everyone has got to stop using rat poison. These owls eat the rats. You don’t need the poison. Now that’s 2 less owls that will be keeping the rats in check.

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4 thoughts on “Too precious to lose

  1. Oh Dinah this was so awful. I’m so sorry — loved your wonderful header shot and hoped there would be an owl post as I was was scrolling through catching up . Of course this was but not quite what I hoped for — nor for you either. So sad. But I am glad you posted it. I noticed someone in your comments saying rat poison was illegal in her country. I wish we could do that here. (One of “our” baby eagles died from rat poison a few years ago.)

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