One last walk

I got up early one morning in late September to take my last walk around the neighborhood. It wasn’t my last walk anywhere, just around this neighborhood. After living here for 17 years, we moved about 20 minutes away so Brett could be closer to work and it was time to downsize. It was before the sun came up and a faint rainbow was visible as the ducks flew by. I said goodby to Blondie and her grown babies. I’ll miss those creme colored mallards.

The ducks stopped by the yard days before we moved. It was the last of the bird seed so they were going to have to scrounge somewhere else.

Backyard skies on our last week here. I’ll miss the open sky but we are moving to a heavily wooded area and it will be nice to be in the shade now and see different wildlife. I’ll be posting pictures of the critters near our new home soon.

SkyWatch Friday

7 thoughts on “One last walk

  1. Greetings and Salutations! Taking pictures of where you lived for 17 years of your life was a smart idea. At least you will be only 20 minutes away. You can periodically go back if you miss the views once and a while. See folks you liked the best in the area, etc. You will be blessed in the new home. New friends to make. New memories will be made.

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