Fishing on the fishing pier

One of the fun things about walking around on the fishing pier besides fishing, is watching the birds steal the bait fish. The snowy egrets get in squabbles over the tiny fish.

All lined up, waiting for someone to pull up a bait net full of fish.

This great blue heron had already eaten and was wiping his beak on the light.

Cruising by with the big boats in the background.

The guy who owned this rolling bucket was not paying attention. He had some fish already in there but left it open and walked farther down the pier to pull up another net full of bait fish. The snowy egrets and great egrets were having a feast until he came back.


6 thoughts on “Fishing on the fishing pier

  1. Hello Dina
    Wonderful captures of the Snowy and Great Egrets. The bird must love hanging around the fishing pier, stealing bait. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!

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