More summer skies from the yard

The skies from my front and back yard in late summer are insane. Some nights right when the sun hits after the rain has moved out, it looks like the sky is on fire. These were all taken in late August and early September.

The above was snapped with my phone through the glass door and the screened porch. The smaller ones before this were too close to be outside. The next day I found out it hit my neighbor’s house. It fried his fuse box and burned one side of his house. It took several days for an electrician to come out and fix everything so you really don’t know when it’s going to hit.

Lightning on the side of the house (I was standing in the garage). It’s weird the way the 2nd one was brighter in the middle.

Most nights if the sun peaks out in the backyard after a storm, I get this in the front yard.

SkyWatch Friday

8 thoughts on “More summer skies from the yard

  1. Wow, you don’t have to leave home for a show do you!! Incredible variety of skies. I thought the first photo was great but then you kept outdoing yourself. A true photoblogger you are, always at the ready.

  2. Wow, a little bit of everything here. Wonderful job capturing the lightening strikes, and very scary that one struck you neighbor’s home. We had lightning here a few nights ago, but I had no luck photographing it.

  3. Greetings and Salutations! Beam me up Scotty! That is what came to my mind when I saw your first photograph. Skies around your home really are the coolest. Just look up and BAM take a picture. Such a deal. I have never seen lightening with a beam of light in the middle part. Enjoy the week end.

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