Great big blue (although they look gray to me) birds

The great blue heron is such a big bird. You can usually find them hanging around the fishing pier at Fort Desoto. I saw several when I was there in late May. I caught the one above flying in from across the pier.

One was busy scratching his head when another one flew in to land on the same light post on the pier. The one scratching his head took off and let the incoming bird land but not without a fight. Then he flew over to another light post that had a cormorant on it. The cormorant was not going to let him land on his post. So much bird drama on the pier!

Later I saw one with a bait fish that was stolen from a fisherman.

Cruising low along the pier.

This one let me walk right by him. He was checking me out to see if I had any fish. I pulled out my phone and took the above since he was too close for my camera.

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3 thoughts on “Great big blue (although they look gray to me) birds

  1. I love the big blue herons. They are one of the few birds I can identify. They are also all over Oklahoma. Hanging out at the ponds, lakes, and rivers for their next meal. They are incredibly beautiful and patient.

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