More pictures from Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive

I pulled over and got out for these guys. The fulvous whistling ducks are rare here in central Florida. I’ve only seen them here and rarely at Circle B Bar Reserve (although they could also be hiding out in lesser known smaller ponds).  Although they are not as pretty as black bellied whistling ducks, they are still pretty fun to watch. A section of the marsh along the drive had a big flock of them and the ducks were busy feeding and chasing each other around. It seemed like everyone wanted to be in someone else’s spot. They were easy to spot, making all of that loud whistling noise.

Along the back side of the drive, things got quiet. Mostly coots and moorhens before you leave the drive. I was out on a rare Friday off so the traffic through the drive wasn’t too bad.

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3 thoughts on “More pictures from Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive

  1. I learned something new because of you, so thank you!! I’d never even hear of fulvous whistling ducks and now I have seen some very good photos of them. I’m hoping that fulvous is a scrabble word!

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