Flying things at the Florida Aquarium


This is the closest I’ll get to a hooded merganser. They are so skittish. The ones that float around in the channel behind my house take off if I open the back door. It’s interesting that his beak looks like it has mini teeth on the edge, almost like a crocodile snout.


Ruddy duck floating around on top of the fish exhibit.


I think this is a fulvous whistling duck. He was quacking at an ibis to get out of his spot.


Spoony with an itch.


Close up of a spoonbill living at the aquarium.


They are very used to people so they came close to the edge of the exhibit.


This little kildeer had his own private beach next to the stingrays.


This must have been a lost sooty tern that was sick or injured and found a home here.


Oh yeah, there is fish at the aquarium. Lots of fish.

More pictures from my fun pre-Christmas trip to the Florida Aquarium. I think I like the wetlands exhibit the best since they have birds there and you can see them really close. All of the birds were injured and unable to release back in the wild so now they live here.

Camera Critters

Not just black bellied whistling ducks.


My first ever fulvous whistling duck sighting. These ducks are fairly rare here but this little family has been hanging around the reserve for a while now. I finally found them, way out in the marsh. They sound like black bellied whistling ducks but don’t have the pink beak.


“Hey Bob, is that a plane or a hawk up there? The sun is in my eyes and I can’t tell.”


“Baby limpkin, you’re in the wrong place. Your family is over there on that pile of reeds.”


“Don’t take my picture yet. I have a bug on my bottom.”


“It’s time for duck yoga.”


“Do we look like we want to do yoga right now?”


“It’s time for a nap.”


“I gotta itch.”

DSC_8988“Should I jump?”

The black bellied whistling ducks are back in full force for the winter at Circle B Bar Reserve. As I walked down the trail I could hear them whistling all across the marsh on both sides of the trail. They were at corner of Heron Hideout trail and all the way down Marsh Rabbit Run to Wading Bird Way. It’s weird that they only stay on that side of the reserve. I haven’t seen them down Alligator Alley before. There’s just as many alligators on Marsh Rabbit Run trail. I’ve looked for the fulvous whistlers several times and finally found them. They were across a pond in the marsh so the first picture is extremely cropped. I’ve never heard of them being seen anywhere else in central Florida. I hope they stay for the winter.