A new attraction coming

After leaving Crescent Lake Park, I headed over to the bay to see what the new St. Pete Pier was going to look like. Last time I was in the area, it looked like a shell.  This was before the big opening back in early July. They were still putting the finishing touches on it but it didn’t look like much from across the Vinoy yacht basin.

Above is an old shot of the original pier that I grew up visiting when we came to visit my grandparents. Several functional piers were built in the early 1900’s but the first “attraction” pier was built in 1926. (Pictured below from the St. Pete. Pier History site).  It was demolished in 1967 and the new pyramid pier opened in 1973.  I also found a mural in downtown St. Pete of the pyramid pier painted on the side of a building.

Zooming in, far out in the bay near the pier, there’s always a lot of activities going on in the water and you can see the Tampa electric plant.

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4 thoughts on “A new attraction coming

  1. The first pier looks so much bigger and more attractive then what they are building now. I’ve only been to the pyramid pier. Parking was always at a premium. The first one seems to have a lot of cars parked everywhere.

  2. Things are always changing and we don’t have much choice about it, but it looks like something interesting going up there. What a lot of different activities going on in one place!

    I am glad you joined us at ‘My Corner of the World’ this week!!

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