Blue and purple

I rarely see bluebirds in the parks near my house. I’m sure they are around but I never seem to see them. I didn’t expect to see one singing on a dead pine tree at Possum Branch Preserve. This was a treat watching him pouring his heart out across the marsh.

The lone glossy ibis was still there, showing off his colors in the sunlight.

I looked down in the marsh and saw this. What was this purple gallinule doing?

Then I realized another one was coming out of the reeds and they started playing “leap frog” in the marsh. Those big yellow feet were such a contrast on top of her back. They did it twice before taking off in different directions. By now somewhere in that marsh is a purple gallinule nest. Here’s to hoping to see babies soon.

There’s always a lot of white peacock butterflies and bunnies here.

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3 thoughts on “Blue and purple

  1. I love Bluebirds and seeing them with the pretty color even on their breast. The Glossy is a neat sighting too! They are pretty rare to see here in FL. Enjoy your colorful weekend!

  2. Hello, what a great series of bird photos. The Purple Gallinules are awesome. I love the Bluebirds and the Glossy Ibis. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy weekend!

  3. We saw a bunny on our walk through the neighbourhood earlier this week. We are staying in the city, but there natural areas. I think all of the quiet has allowed animals and birds to reclaim some of the territory. – Margy

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