Blue and purple

I rarely see bluebirds in the parks near my house. I’m sure they are around but I never seem to see them. I didn’t expect to see one singing on a dead pine tree at Possum Branch Preserve. This was a treat watching him pouring his heart out across the marsh.

The lone glossy ibis was still there, showing off his colors in the sunlight.

I looked down in the marsh and saw this. What was this purple gallinule doing?

Then I realized another one was coming out of the reeds and they started playing “leap frog” in the marsh. Those big yellow feet were such a contrast on top of her back. They did it twice before taking off in different directions. By now somewhere in that marsh is a purple gallinule nest. Here’s to hoping to see babies soon.

There’s always a lot of white peacock butterflies and bunnies here.

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My favorite purple clowns

It’s that time of the year when the purple gallinules at Circle B Bar Reserve hang around the alligator flag plants close to trail. They feed with their young that were born earlier that spring. As I walked out on the trail in late October, there were several feeding right in front. The pale purple one is the juvenile that hasn’t gotten his full adult feathers in yet. It’s funny to watch them balance on the branches as they try to hold on.

Another walk on Alligator Alley

All lush and green, this was taken in early April before the drought started taking a toll on the marsh.

I did not change the color on this glossy ibis. They were in their breeding feathers and the colors were so deep. When the sun hits them you can really see the patterns.

So many purple gallinules lately. They are so much fun to watch.

One lone baby limpkin. Mom was close by looking for food.

Far out in the marsh, this great egret caught a stick with his fish.

Mom moorhen feeding the baby.

Now that’s lunch! He caught the fish but then moved locations. I caught him right as he was swallowing it.

Early April at Circle B Bar Reserve.

SkyWatch Friday

Nature’s playground.


“Hey lady, are you going to watch me eat too?”


“Wait, I’m getting a snack”.


“Look what I got!”


“Hey, I’m hungry too.” said the juvenile purple gallinule.


“That seed over there looks pretty good. If I could only get there without falling off.”


“Upside down is the best way to eat.”


“You got any salt?”


“Look, there’s more seed over there.”


“I’m getting a neck cramp from all this stretching.”


“I wish I had some fries to eat with all this healthy food.”

Again, the clouds were in my favor this morning I went to Circle B Bar Reserve. I would not have gotten decent shots of these guys if the sun was out in full force based on where they were on the trail. I would have gotten dark shadows. There were at least 8 of them dangling from the reeds getting the seeds. That’s the most purple gallinules I’ve seen at one time. There were several adults and the rest were juveniles. Looks like they must have been born early this past spring. They were just barely getting their colored feathers but no candy corn beak yet. I stood there for half an hour watching them. It was like watching kids playing on the jungle gym. They were pretty funny. I hope they stay in the area for the winter.