Snow in central Florida?

Oh wait, I left out the part about the snow being a goose. My first snow goose sighting happened in early January on a golf course near work. I read that this is only the 3rd recorded sighting of them in Pinellas county ever so they are pretty rare around here.  I had heard that they were there a few days before I could get over there. I put my camera in the car and left for work way before sunrise (a fairly common thing anyway) and stopped by the golf course before work. They had been sighted on a small pond right next to a side road and there they were. They were pretty far away across the pond but I was able to snap the above before heading to work. After work I stopped again and they were gone. They could have been some where else on the course but it was almost dark. I have recently read on Ebird that some were sighted at Myakka River State Park so I’m wondering if those are my geese.

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