“Walking on sunshine!”

Sunflowers from beginning to end.

Up close with so many different sunflowers. Most were covered with bees and bugs.

The field was bursting with yellow.

Bringing in the stash. I spent a Sunday morning in late May north of Tampa at Sweetfield Farms. In the spring, they have a sunflower maze and activities during the sunflower season. The fields were full of sunflowers, all blooming. This guy cuts fresh sunflowers all day so you can buy and bring them home.With farm animals and lots of outdoor activities, it was a fun way to spend a morning. Brought some just picked vegetables home to cook that night.

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5 thoughts on ““Walking on sunshine!”

  1. My favorite summer flower — they are beautiful and I loved your series showing the progression!! It surprises me they (now that I think of it) don’t grow earlier in Florida (like when we’re there ;>0…the way so many vegetables and strawberries do, the opposite season from us up here in Oregon!!

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