Early April at Fort Desoto

Pretty flowers on the trail to the beach.

A few of the usual birds on the beach.

I looked back as I was leaving the parking lot and saw the cardinal checking himself out on my side mirror.

A northern parula was the only bird in the woods in early April.

An osprey checking me out.

A pelican flying by and a common bird soaring over the beach in the summer, a frigatebird.

The storm clouds were moving in at Fort Desoto.

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2 thoughts on “Early April at Fort Desoto

  1. So many beautiful birds, Dina, especially the cardinal checking his makeup in your car mirror. And frigate birds — they’re so impressive, aren’t they? Wow. I don’t remember seeing any in Florida, but I can’t remember much of anything these days except seeing frigate birds in the Galapagos Islands many years ago. Thanks for sharing all this beauty with us.
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