Another Saturday morning walk at the Fort Desoto fishing pier


I caught this kestrel flying over my head.


He flew over to the top of a pine tree.


Then a frigatebird flew close to the pier.


A juvenile hawk.  He let me get pretty close.


The young reddish egret is still hanging around the pier. I’m beginning to wonder if this is a hybrid of some sort. Is it an offspring of a reddish egret and a white morph reddish egret?


A cormorant preening on a light post.


The osprey  couple that nests near the Fort were hanging around together. If this warm weather keeps up this December, nesting season will be starting much earlier this year.


A usual sight at the pier. A big boat passing the lighthouse at Egmont Key.

Just another perfect day at the beach. SkyWatch Friday

Boobies, noddies and a chuck


My first masked boobies. We were far away on a boat headed for the Dry Tortugas. They nest on this small sand bar out in the middle of nowhere. The sandbar is protected so we could not get to close. Lucky I had my 200mm lens with me and ready to shoot as we went by. These are extremely cropped.


Another first sighting was the sooty terns. These birds were flying in between a sandbar and the Dry Tortugas.  Several flew close to the boat.


Not a first but still cool to see. Frigatebirds were circling overhead as we docked at the Tortugas.  A juvenile on the left and a female on the right.


Then the entire family with dad on the left with the red chest flew by.


Thousands of birds were on one end of the island.  That section was closed off since many of the birds were nesting.


Another first, a chuck-will’s-widow on the ground. I have to give credit to several other birders who had found him right before I walked up. They were looking for the Kentucky warbler and found him instead.


He was hiding under some bushes. I could just make out his face through the branches.


I did find the Kentucky warbler, another first for me. They told me to look for a bird that looks like a hooded warbler but doesn’t have as much black on the head.


Heading back onto the boat for lunch, the frigatebirds were still cruising close to the boat.


Several blue grosbeaks were flying around inside the fort but they were very skittish.


My 5th new bird of the day was the brown noddies. There were a lot of these flying in between the closed off end of the island and old pilings next to the fort. They are part of the tern family.


More noddies flying in.


A male frigatebird flies close by as the boat was leaving the island.

I’m going to bore you with my tons of vacation pictures. Brett and I recently spent a week in Key West. It was our first time on the island. We had a great time and I lugged my camera stuff everywhere. We took the all day boat trip out to the Dry Tortugas on the first day of our trip. It was a 2 and a half hour boat ride each way. The boat felt a little crowded with close to 200 people on it. Once we got to the island and everyone was spread out on that big island, it felt like we almost had the place to ourselves. Lots more pictures to come.

Our World Tuesday Graphicimage-in-ing

Fun morning at Fort Desoto – Skywatch Friday


An oystercatcher couple were feeding along the shoreline right when I walked out on the beach.


Upclose. He was digging pretty deep.


A dowitcher also digging for food.


It was dig deep day at the beach. Even the ibis were doing it.


A snowy egret cruising for tiny fish.

turtle nests

Turtle nests were everywhere at the park. I’ve never seen so many nests there before. The rangers keep them roped off and has even relocated a nest if the turtle lays the eggs right in the middle of a main tourist area. Taken with my Iphone. Update – on 7/20, the park reported having 86 turtle nests there. This is a record!


A busy day for some photographers. I think they were shooting a great blue heron. When you fly down from across the country, you’re out there concentrating and getting the most for your day. Kind of like what I did when I was in Arizona for vacation. Every day was packed. It’s nice to know I can stop by here for a leisure stroll and get pictures if I happen to see something fun. The guy in the bright blue shirt is the famous photographer, Moose Peterson. I have his book Captured and love it. I stayed away from his group since I knew they were busy but I have chatted with him before in the parking lot a few years ago.


Before I left the park, I stopped by the fishing pier to see if anything interesting was going on. There’s always snowy egrets chasing after dropped bait fish.


A great blue heron staring down at me from the shelter.


Someone had asked me how I had gotten the close up pictures of the bird’s face looking down at me. I took the above with my Iphone. There are several rain shelters on the pier and the birds hang out on the roof. You can walk right up to the edge of the roof and they stare down at you. They want to know if you’re going to throw them some food or fish.


Crazy cormorant on the light post was giving me a big yawn.


Overhead, a frigatebird flies by.


“Sailing takes me away…”


Off into the wild blue yonder! The view from the end of the pier.

Another perfect hot sunny morning at Fort Desoto park.

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Perfect day at the fishing pier – Skywatch Friday


Ruddy turnstones are starting to get their summer colors in.


It looks like this pelican has a handout. Unless he knows how to filet a fish?


All lined up, waiting for someone to drop some bait fish.


Rush hour traffic on the water. A perfect sunny windy day. Lots of boats out.


Hanging out.


Great blue heron up high on the pole.


Most of the snowy egrets around the pier were sporting their summer breeding pink feathers around their beak.


My first frigatebird sighting of the summer.


Flowers were blooming all over the park.

This was one of the first sunny warm days we had this season.  The fishing pier was crowded early that morning. When I left after lunch, the line to get in the park was really long. Beach season has officially opened. Which means I need to be at the park before 8am and out before lunch until next winter. Too many people around.

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A sunny October morning at Fort De Soto – Skywatch Friday


Yes, I know, another tricolored heron.


White ibis were looking for snacks in the lagoon.


This one found a crab. He’s still a juvenile. He hasn’t quite lost his brown baby feathers yet.


A cormorant drying off in the sun.


A typical sight in Florida.


Another typical sight. People were catching a lot of fish at the pier. They weren’t big fish though.


“Come back here bug” says the lizard looking down the hole.


When I was leaving the park, I saw a big flock of frigatebirds flying over the duck ponds. I pulled over to take a few shots but they stayed pretty high up and then flew off over the houses.

Another very quiet Saturday morning at the park. I headed there to look for little migrating birds on the trails but saw almost nothing so I headed out to the beach and the fishing pier. In early October, the heat was just barely starting to break.

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Frigatebirds annual visit to Fort Desoto

Male frigatebird flying right over my head. He came over me so fast I didn’t have time to zoom back.

Female flying by.


This one was diving doing this weird shaking thing. He dove down toward the water but then swooped back up without landing in the water. Maybe getting a drink?

I don’t think the osprey was happy that the frigatebirds were invading his pond.

Every summer, sometime in July or August, we get a visit from a flock of frigatebirds. They roost somewhere just off the area around Fort Desoto and can be found flying around the duck ponds on the road into the park in the middle of the day. I was leaving the park around 2pm one Saturday when I saw them swooping around. I pulled off by the duck ponds and got out. This was the closest I had seen them get to the ground. They are usually coasting high up in the sky. They are known to be mean birds. They steal their food from other birds as well as feeding off chicks. They can’t take off from water or flat surfaces so they spend most of their time gliding in the air or chasing after birds with food. They don’t stay in the area long so I was happy to catch them that morning.

Birds on a fishing pier – Skywatch Friday

Laughing gull soaring overhead. I added a little purple to this to make it fun.

The only sandwich tern I saw that day.

A lonely frigatebird soaring high above. It’s the first one I’ve seen this year. It circled high over the fishing pier several times and then flew off into the distance.

Laughing gull missing a foot.

Sunshine Skyway bridge off in the distance.

A few more birds from my walk across the Sunshine Skyway fishing pier right before the 4th of July weekend. It was a beautiful afternoon.

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