Funny faces at the zoo

“Gimmi a kiss, lady”.

A fun day at the zoo over Thanksgiving week while my sister was visiting. The young zebra eating while mom was watching over was born last July.

A black and white warbler hiding out in a tree.

Pretty birds and lunch for some of the birds in the aviary. After this appetizing walk through the aviary it was time for us to leave and go have lunch (we opted for salads).

The zoo was decorated for the holiday season.

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5 thoughts on “Funny faces at the zoo

  1. The bird’s lunch was almost enough to make you become a vegetarian? We once watched a hawk devour some prey less than an hour after enjoying our Thanksgiving dinner. I opted for salads for quite a few days after that ))…. Lovely pictures and I always enjoy how you get the wild birds when you do a zoo visit.

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