After work walk

 A lone sleepy spoonbill along the walking path.

Crazy parrots high up in the trees.

A pelican and anhinga getting ready for bed.

A green heron trying to grab one last bite before dark.

Not sure if these turtles had been napping all day or if they just climbed up to sleep for the night. There’s a fun little floating pad for them to sleep on.

This guy was relaxing.

Clouds rolling in before the sun going down.  A quick walk before dark at the office park near my work right before the time change. No more walks after work until late March.

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6 thoughts on “After work walk

  1. The spoonbill is gorgeous, Dina. I’m not at all familiar with the anhinga, so it’s nice to see your portrait of it. Turtles and squirrels…now there are two critters I’ve known and loved! Nice to have a visit with you again.
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