Wild parakeets

You can usually find wild nanday parakeets flying around Fort Desoto Park. Most of the time, you hear them before you see them. They buzz overhead, screaming the entire way. Lately I’ve been seeing them hanging around the east beach trails.

On a recent Saturday morning I was about to get in my car when I saw flashes of green moving on the ground near the flowers. The parakeets were eating the seeds out of the dead flowers. There were 10 of them munching away and keeping an eye on me.

Others were grabbing a flower and flying back up to the utility wire to eat. They really are pretty even though they are loud and can wipe out a flower bed in minutes.

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Big birds and little birds at Fort Desoto

The nanday parakeets are always goofing around.

A male and a female ruby throated hummingbird.

A great egret going by with a snack.

Little critters in the park.

A manatee cruising by the fishing dock.

Big boats going by.

From the fishing pier at Fort Desoto Park.

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The green clowns at Fort Desoto

I was out on the trail at Fort Desoto park looking for migrating birds when I heard them screaming from far away. They flew in and landed right in front of me. The nanday parakeets ( or black hooded parakeets) are very loud. They were in the dead trees playing and eating bugs. They ignored me and I stood there and watched them for a while. They have the funniest personalities but seem like they could be very aggressive.

They’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out in these dead trees on the east beach trail. I wonder if they are nesting nearby.

After work walk

 A lone sleepy spoonbill along the walking path.

Crazy parrots high up in the trees.

A pelican and anhinga getting ready for bed.

A green heron trying to grab one last bite before dark.

Not sure if these turtles had been napping all day or if they just climbed up to sleep for the night. There’s a fun little floating pad for them to sleep on.

This guy was relaxing.

Clouds rolling in before the sun going down.  A quick walk before dark at the office park near my work right before the time change. No more walks after work until late March.

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Crazy clowns in the trees.

In early September I was walking around Fort Desoto not looking for anything in particular. Okay, I may have been looking for some particular bird but now I can’t even remember what it was. A flash of green flew by me and landed on a tree and some bushes right in front of me. These birds have 3 names.  They are Nanday parakeets or black hooded parakeets or Nanday concures according to Wikipedia.  They are not native to Florida but there are now large wild populations all over the Tampa Bay area. They are very loud so you can’t  miss them.  They have a big personality and did not mind me as I stood there for a while taking pictures of them eating and napping.  After about 15 minutes they all started screaming and took off across the park.

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Those crazy green clowns at Fort Desoto

I recently spent some time watching the wild Nanday parakeets at Fort Desoto. Not on purpose of course, I was looking for little song birds that were migrating through. You can’t miss these guys. They fly in screaming. They landed in some trees right where I was standing and hung out there for a while. They were bouncing from branch to branch, hanging upside down and poking their head in holes all while screaming. After about 10 minutes they took off and all was quiet again.

Looking for a bird

dsc_1238 dsc_1249 dsc_1254

I spent an early Saturday morning looking for a smooth billed ani. I eventually found it but while I was looking around the crazy Nanday parakeets came flying into a tree near the area. I could hearing them screaming as they were flying in from across the field.




I walked over near the tree and these three above were busy preening each other. I guess three’s not a crowd.


Some of theme were hanging around.



Off in the distance I could see birds out on a sandbar.



The field near the parakeets were full of cactus.

More on the smooth billed ani later.

SkyWatch Friday

Screaming birds and sleeping ducks.


The trail at Largo Central Park Nature Preserve has an osprey nest at the beginning of the boardwalk. You have to walk right underneath it to get out on the boardwalk but the platform was pretty high up. The osprey on the right is the baby. At several months old, he is as big as the parent but still has the white dots on the end of the feathers and his eyes are still orange. It looks like they have a little tree growing on the nest. The parent must have pulled up some roots and it started growing on the nest. The baby was screaming for a while when I first got there. I turned around for a while watching some ducks and missed the other parent flying in with a fish.


Zooming in on the nest, they were both eating some yummy fish. You can see the difference in eye color here.


It wouldn’t be a summer morning walk without seeing baby ducks. I could see a family far down the channel and was able to zoom in on one of the babies.


About an hour later, I did another lap around the trail and realized that they had moved closer to my side of the channel and the family was taking a nap under mom.


They were all dozing quietly when some black vultures flew close by and woke them up.


After a minute or two, they all went back to napping. They couldn’t all fit under mom but they were snuggled up together.


Right below the duck family, a green heron was creeping around near the water.


When I got back to the parking lot, this nanday parakeet was screaming from the utility line. I could hear them screaming all over the park but could not get close enough for a shot.


And now as I was leaving, there were a few of them sitting in the tree right next to my car.


Even though they are camouflaged into the tree, just listen for the loud screaming and you can find them.

Another hot Saturday morning walk around Largo Central Park Nature Preserve. It’s a small park right in the middle of a neighborhood and a small golf course. I usually walk 3 times around the trail but it was so hot I only made it around twice.