Storm moving in on Tampa Bay

These were all taken with my phone on my walk across the pedestrian bridge across north Tampa Bay. It was late afternoon on a Sunday.  I was lucky the storm didn’t really move directly towards the bridge and I got a long walk in.  The sun was out on the other side of the bridge. Little disappointed there was no rainbow.

SkyWatch Friday

10 thoughts on “Storm moving in on Tampa Bay

  1. Wow! Who ever thought a storm could be so beautiful. Oh, right…Dina thought so! Wonderful shots. I visited friends in Tampa more than once. They’re both gone now, but I wondered what they would have thought of such a storm…she used to be very adventurous, and I suspect she might have enjoyed it, although her husband mightn’t. We did a lot of wild and wonderful things in our late youth-slash-middle age when we both lived in British Columbia.

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