The punk bird

I recently stopped by Chesnut Park for a quick walk after work. It was very quiet at the park. Not many people there. I found this pileated woodpecker hanging around one of the parking lots. He was bouncing around from tree to tree and stopped and posed for me a few times. I just sat on the ground and watched him for a while.  Eventually another woodpecker came calling over head and he took off.  I think these guys deserve the “Coolest bird” category with their punk mohawk.

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3 Responses to The punk bird

  1. Wally Jones says:

    Wonderful series! These guys always remind me of something prehistoric.

  2. That’s such a perfect title for this wild and crazy guy! He sure did pose beautifully for you.

  3. Kelleyn says:

    Amazing photos! thank you for sharing! lovley!

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