Early start to spring migration

My first ovenbird, hiding deep in the bushes.

My first Louisiana Waterthrush at the fountain.

An unidentified bird on the top. Any ideas?  The 2nd one is a Cape May Warbler.

Eastern kingbird high up in the tree.

A blurry shot of a young blue grosbeak. I thought his color was interesting. I guess he’s molting into his adult male colors.

An osprey with a fish.

And a pretty moth.

By  mid April there hadn’t been too many birds passing through on their way north for the summer.  I headed down to Fort Desoto Park expecting not to find too much. As usual there were more people than birds on the trails. Not too many birds but some good ones. Two new birds for me, the ovenbird and waterthrush so it was a good morning.

Our World Tuesday Graphicimage-in-ing

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5 Responses to Early start to spring migration

  1. klara says:

    very nice images.

  2. My first ovenbird viewing was good, but I did not capture any photos. Yours are stunning. Thank you for sharing.

  3. xhobdo says:

    Brilliant clicks

  4. Lea says:

    Wonderful bird photos!
    Most of these birds are ones I have not seen here. But, I am seeing more Kingbirds this year, and have come to love them. They are handsome, and seem to enjoy posing for the camera.
    Have a great day!

  5. Always such a treat. The Osprey has a meal and a half with such a large fish~

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