On the trail at Circle B Bar Reserve

Great egrets and spoonbills were in the air and in the muck.

Bittern, limpkin, anhinga and wood stork on the trail.

A house wren hiding in the bushes.

Coot with cool feet.

A kingfisher actually sitting still.

Purple gallinule eating something yucky.

Lots of activity in late March at Circle B Bar Reserve but nothing unusual.

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6 thoughts on “On the trail at Circle B Bar Reserve

  1. Wow! All so beautiful….the Anhinga isn’t my favorite bird of those you picture, but the picture of it is maybe my favorite ever…just an amazing catch (by the bird and by you). Beautiful photography as always.

  2. What a great place to wander around for a few hours! You really have some wonderful images here. I must get there soon, it just seems so crowded and I’m pretty anti-social I guess. But the rewards are so worth it, as you amply demonstrate!

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