A travel back in time

I barely remember going to eat dinner with my family at the Kapok Tree Inn in Clearwater when I was little. It was one of my grand parent’s favorite places to eat so when we came to visit we would eat here. The last time we ate here was probably in the mid 70’s though the restaurant didn’t close until the early 90’s. I remember the gardens in the back being so pretty. The building and gardens are still there but the main building that use to be the restaurant is now a Sam Ash Music Store. The back building where the grand ballroom was is a wedding and event venue. When my sisters were in town during Christmas, we stopped in to see if much had changed.  The place looked exactly like it did 40-50 years ago.

The grand ballroom looked exactly the same. It would be pretty to have a wedding reception here.

The tiny details inside were still there.

It was fun going back in time to see a place I remember going to with my grandparents.

You can see some original pictures and postcards here of the restaurant.

More on the history from the Kapok Tree Inn Special Events page. 

6 thoughts on “A travel back in time

  1. Kapok Tree !! Thank you for the pix. I, too, went there in the ’70s (late), with my parents fr VA and friends who lived down the road from Kapok Tree in Madeira Beach. I had moved from VA to Sunset Beach on Treasure Island, where I was happily ensconced for abt 30 yrs. We had the Penguin there (steamship round, baked pot, salad, $4.95/Early Bird Special). Now in OH doing family research and soooo glad for yr pix! I thot Kapok Tree became a Jewish center?

  2. Well I looked at the first couple of pics, and I thought the “the girl is looking back to a trip to Thailand she went on years ago” . What a fantastic place , and lovely to see it all still in tacked, apart from the resterant that is.
    All the best Gordon.

  3. I never knew such a place existed, thank you so much for the pictures Dina. Will have to go there since it’s practically in my backyard really a grandiose place a little gaudy perhaps but so what i fell in love the minute you sent your post.

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