Trail full of birds

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There were a few tiny birds at Honeymoon Island Park at the end of January. Tons of yellow rumped warblers and the last one is an eastern towhee.



The parking lot was full of yellow rumped warblers. They thought the cars were something to play on.


A very young bald eagle flew by as I headed out on the trail.


I always see kestrels in the winter here.




The trail was full of osprey. They were eating, preening and doing a few other things. That last one I took directly in the sun but it was too funny not to post.


I found a headless osprey in a tree.



Oh wait, he was just turned around.

All of the usuals at Honeymoon Island State Park.

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11 thoughts on “Trail full of birds

  1. Those are truly beautiful bird shots. Your thumbnail made me smile as i thought that bird is learning the pole dance! And then inside the post you said, there was a headless osprey, which really made me laugh. I wish i have a lens for birds like yours. But at least i can also take headless chickens at night, hehe.

  2. I love your “usual”. Beautiful portraits as always …. and for the first time ever I actually see how the Eastern Towhee is different from the Western (a bird I’m more familiar with, from our other home, in Oregon).

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