Another episode of “Being a Tourist on the Beach”

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I rarely go to Clearwater Beach anymore.  It’s very crowded and cost a fortune to park, if you can get a parking spot. Although, it is fun to go over every once in while to see what’s going on.  Right after I picked up my sister from the airport we headed over to the beach to walk around. She had not been in several years.  We were hoping to get a good sunset but dark clouds had moved in.  I guess the weather had kept most people indoors because it wasn’t too crowded the Tuesday before Christmas. It was fun walking around the beach and marina.

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5 thoughts on “Another episode of “Being a Tourist on the Beach”

  1. You got some great beach photos and I’m sure your sister loved it. Sometimes before January our beaches over here are bearable — and again in April and later. But right now during ‘the season’ I hate our beaches and hardly ever go, too much traffic, too crowded, no place to park yada yada yada. We are spoiled because in our summer home state (Oregon) the coast (as we call the beach there) is never that crowded. (Of course you might shiver even in August ;>))…

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