Typical Florida weather

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I took a walk on the walking bridge across Tampa Bay recently on a Sunday night. I was traveling light and only took my phone so all of these are phone shots.


Occasionally you see some critters swimming by. I think this is a cow nose sting ray. They are pretty common in the bay.




A storm was moving into downtown Tampa but behind me the sun was still out.



A brief glimpse of the sun before the clouds moved in.


Then it got bad so I snapped the above and headed back to my car right before it started pouring. This was pretty far away and the picture is cropped up. I would not want to be out on that bridge if the lightning was any closer.

SkyWatch Friday

5 thoughts on “Typical Florida weather

  1. Fantastic job catching that lightning. Glad you said it was a stingray, I thought it was a leaf. Got to remember where you are, lol.

  2. Wow, from calm to storm, great shots, you can feel the change heading your way, it looks like a dangerous sky… the lightning one is spectacular, well caught… Stay safe if you are in the path of the hurricane now…

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