Another episode of “Don’t play with your food”

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Underneath the great blue heron’s nest was another great blue heron trying to eat lunch. I stood there for 10 minutes watching him fight this snake.  It looks like he was trying to make a salad.  He kept dropping the snake and when he picked it back up, he would have a beak full of weeds as well. I never did see him swallow it. I got tired of standing there and kept on moving down the trail.


On a sad note, this nest is a bust.  The great blue heron sat on this nest right on the trail for a month and then she was gone. I haven’t heard if anyone knows what happened.  Did she leave because the eggs didn’t hatch?  Did the eggs get damaged? The other active nests are farther behind this one. This one was such a good spot and had produced babies for several years now.

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6 thoughts on “Another episode of “Don’t play with your food”

  1. Hello Dina, great shots of the heron with the snake and the heron on the nest. It is a shame the nest was not successful. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy weekend and happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. Very beautiful images! I would be happy if I could just get a shot of a heron, but those with the heron catching a snake is just so much better! Wonderful! Sad to read that she is gone. Wonder what happened!

  3. Great shots of the Heron with the snake . I like the caption ” stop playing with your food ” Have a wonderful Easter Dina, until next time. Feel bad really for the abandoned nest.

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