Typical things on a Florida trail.


A typical Florida swamp scene (cattle egret looking at a great egret).


A limpkin posing in the moss.


A Carolina wren stops by.


A cormorant flapping his wings.


Another limpkin in the moss. Looks like he was grabbing moss for his nest.






This guy was just cruising down the trail, not caring that he was heading right for me. He kept getting closer and I finally got up and moved back (was sitting on the trail to take his picture). I don’t want this guy to get too close.  They are cute but still creepy.

All from Circle B Bar Reserve in early February.

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8 thoughts on “Typical things on a Florida trail.

  1. Thank you for sharing your outing with us Dina. Racoons are not a creature we have in Australia, and, having been blessed with an “up close and personal” meeting with several while on house exchange in British Columbia a couple of years ago, I do find these “masked bandits” so cute!

  2. Raccoons are very interesting creatures to photograph, but you’re right, you never know how they will react when surprised. Nice set of images.

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