The usual stuff near my neighborhood

DSC_6434 DSC_6437 DSC_6439

Lots of ring neck ducks floating in the channel near my neighborhood. The all brown ones are the females and the ones with black heads and gray bodies are the males.


Alligators are everywhere.



I hadn’t seen a horned grebe in a long time. This one was all alone across the channel.



Two more alligators in the grass.

7 thoughts on “The usual stuff near my neighborhood

  1. Hi Dina! Lovely blog post and images. Wanted you to know that I often look at the blog, but just as often I don’t leave a comment. Doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy it … I definitely do. Keep up the good work!

  2. I can only imagine someone who does not live in Florida reading “usual” and thinking “(she’s gotta’ be kidding”)! That’s just how I would have felt before we started living part-time here! I see your usual too — but you take a lot better pictures. (Actually I’ve never seen that many ring-necks in my neighborhood. You really do live in Paradise!

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