These purple clowns make me laugh.

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The purple gallinules are so much fun to watch. They are like little purple clowns trying to navigate the plants. If they walk out on a stem that can’t hold their weight, they slide down to the end and try to hang on. They stop to check you out for a second and then continue to try to eat the plant. They are pretty scarce until the fall and then there is usually a few families hanging out in the plants close to the trail.





The above is a juvenile purple gallinule that was born early this past spring. He hasn’t quite gotten his bright feathers in yet but he already has those big yellow feet. He was still trying to climb around without falling down.

These were all taken in mid-November at Circle B Bar Reserve.

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  1. Hello Dina, they are beautiful birds. I love the cute juvenile. Awesome photos

    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

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