Birds and fish at Bok Tower

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I thought this bird was going to be something different but I think it’s a palm warbler in his non-breeding colors.


I can’t tell what this warbler is. Unfortunately, I did not get any other pictures of him. I think this is a female black throated blue warbler.  The lady friend of the one below.



This male black throated blue warbler was staying inside of the bushes and being very timid. I rarely see these guys.



Female ruby throated hummingbirds were everywhere. I saw these at the bushes in front of the historic house.



The big fish in the pond in front of the carillon tower were looking for a handout. You can pay 25 cents to get a handful of fish food.

More fun stuff from my trip to Bok Tower in early November.

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11 thoughts on “Birds and fish at Bok Tower

  1. What enormous koi! They must be well-fed. I like the shots of the little hummers. When mine are here in the summer, they never sit still for second.

  2. The hummingbirds are so pretty and you are lucky to have a lens that allows you to get close. All of your photos are wonderful. I’d love to have my own koi pond.

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