Last day on the farm for a while

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Horses playing and taking mud baths.


Strutting around.


A green heron hanging around the pond.


“Don’t land on me” said the turtle to the great blue heron.


Floating around the pond.


Love is in the air.


Showing off for the ladies.


I think this one needs some sunscreen.


This pond has its own “cotton ball” head duck.

This is probably my last trip to the “funny” farm this year, or least until very late fall. It’s already too hot here. It was a perfect morning in early March. All of the animals were very active.  In the summer they’ll be sleeping all day and the farm will be filled with “summer camp” kids. Although, it’s tempting to go back in the summer to see if there were any spring baby animals.

Weekly Top Shot #172

8 thoughts on “Last day on the farm for a while

  1. Wonderful collection of critters. I love the horses, herons and the other farm animals.. Great shots, Dina! Happy Easter! Thank you for linking up! Have a great weekend!

  2. Yes that would be good to see the babies perhaps if you went very early in the day it would not be too hot. loved the horses and seeing that one rolling in the mud.

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