Spring means fuzzballs everywhere.

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My first fuzzball sighting of the season. Based on the last picture, more to come. I was at Circle B Bar Reserve and decided to stop by Lake Morton on the way home. I had read on Kim’s blog  about the new family there and was hoping I could find them. I found them about half way through my walk around the lake. They were sleeping together on the grass. I sat down on the grass and was watching them sleep for a few minutes when the geese came up on the bank and started to bother the babies. Mom  headed into the water with the babies and they hung out along the side of the lake for a while. I think the geese just wanted their spot. All of the above were taken at 200mm and extremely cropped.

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  1. Sent too soon. Of course I meant to say that I don’t notice much difference between winter and spring – it all seems like summer to me. And there are none of the usual ‘up north’ spring flowers because it is too hot. My comment made it sound like it’s cold and I didn’t mean that of course

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