All grown up.


It’s rare to see both parents sitting together on this nest.


The big baby was showing off his wings. The smaller baby stayed hidden behind the big trunk.


I guess he was practicing his pose.


At one point one of the parents moved over to the nest.


Then back over next to his mate.


I took a walk around the area and of course something happened.


From across the pond I could see a juvenile eagle trying to invade the nest. The parents were screaming at him and chased him away.


It could have been last year’s baby coming back for a visit but the parents didn’t want any part of it.


Things started to settle down so I headed home for lunch.

These were taken in early March.By now the babies are probably flying around and getting ready to leave. We had another great year with this nest. I’m sure the proud parents are ready to head back up north for the summer.

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  1. Lovely that both babies are doing welll. There is lots of troubles with juvenile intruders here at ‘our’ nest — with Ozzie being gone. I finally got a post about that up. Poor thing, poor family, I hope they will all be OK<. Your pics are SO wonderful; make mine look like an amateur took them with a point and shoot. (Oh wait, that's exactly what did happen … no wonder they look like that).

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