A mostly white bird post.


Snowy egrets in the wind.


Fishing in knee deep water.


Snowy egrets ignoring the great egret that showed up.


White ibis with a dirty beak.


A reddish egret that is all white ( white morph version). Not common but there has been one hanging around Fort Desoto for a while now.


He’s got a pretty face.


Looking for fish.


Another cormorant with a hook in his beak. There was a guy at the pier that was going to try to catch him but the cormorant was still flying pretty well.


A white and brown bird, the osprey was guarding the nest on top of the old tower near the fishing pier.


 I saw the above lying on the beach.  The red really stood out on the sand.

A few things I saw on a Saturday morning walk at Fort Desoto Park.

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16 thoughts on “A mostly white bird post.

  1. Marvelous photos! Poor Cormorant. I wish they would invent fishing line that would magically dissolve after a couple of days. I always try to retrieve it when I come across broken lines in ponds but it’s not always that easy.

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