Tiny critters at the botanical gardens

I think this lizard was flirting with me at the Botanical Gardens in Largo.

Tiny critters were buzzing around the butterfly garden.

A few of the butterflies in the butterfly garden. I was expecting to see many more than this. I didn’t see any yellow ones. I keep saying I am seeing less and less of them every year. I wonder if it’s all of the spraying that is being done. Spraying for invasive plants, spraying for mosquitoes.

A soft shell turtle swims by under the bridge. I was only able to get his funny shaped head in the shot. He almost blends in with the brown lily pad leaves.

A young moorhen walking around the spatterdock lilies in the pond.

A few of the flowers blooming in early June.

Inspire Me Monday

Just getting out of the house

Was I being watched?  I noticed all of the different art faces that are on on the trees at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo.

Pretty things blooming in July.

Little critters.

You can usually find alligators, bunnies and turtles at any park in the area.

It was a quiet morning for birds though. I’ve been working from home since mid-March so I’m still trying to get out of the house on Saturday mornings for a long walk even if the wildlife is scarce this time of year.

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Our World Tuesday Graphic

A mostly white bird post.


Snowy egrets in the wind.


Fishing in knee deep water.


Snowy egrets ignoring the great egret that showed up.


White ibis with a dirty beak.


A reddish egret that is all white ( white morph version). Not common but there has been one hanging around Fort Desoto for a while now.


He’s got a pretty face.


Looking for fish.


Another cormorant with a hook in his beak. There was a guy at the pier that was going to try to catch him but the cormorant was still flying pretty well.


A white and brown bird, the osprey was guarding the nest on top of the old tower near the fishing pier.


 I saw the above lying on the beach.  The red really stood out on the sand.

A few things I saw on a Saturday morning walk at Fort Desoto Park.

Our World Tuesday Graphic